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Fall 2014 GAD

I think I can speak for everyone when I say, these past two weeks have been intense. Between the transatlantic flight to starting classes spoken (almost) entirely in German, there hasn't been much time to step back and reflect on how much change really has taken place over the last few days. 



(our first meal in Berlin; photo credit Bastian Behrmann) 

The six of us - the Fall 2014 GAD students that is - all first gathered during our week-long introductory session. Though orientations are always a sort of forced interaction, our transition into Berlin was soothed through a boat tour down the river where we understood none of the tour but enjoyed the scenery, a historical trip to Potsdam, moving into incredible apartments that overlook some of the most beautiful avenues, and an extensive walking tour with Lukas along the historical spine of the city. These moments have been as enjoyable as they have informative. The group of us have not only bonded over our affinity for architecture, but also the inexplicable joy of living in a place that is ever reacting, creating, and evolving. Each day so far has been filled with a wealth of new experiences and opportunities with the promise of even more in the days to come.



(walking tour with Lukas) 


(Potsdam tour)

As I'm writing this, I look to see all six of us sprawled across our atelier space. There is outdated pop music blasting from a computer while everyone hunches over either a model based off of a found natural object or German workbook that illustrates the definitions of food and beverages. The expectations for the semester, at least in terms of studio, are simple: to learn and expand our knowledge about architectural design. There is an audible buzz at the start of every lecture and studio, with anticipation of what new knowledge we are creating. Good things are in store for the remainder of this semester, both academically and personally. 




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