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Future Cities Seminar - D.Collective + Tempelhof

This week for our Future Cities Seminar course, we had both a little visit and a big tour. We first stopped to rent some bikes to aid us on our adventure through Tempelhofer Feld, but first stopped at a small, co-working space – D.Collective.



D.Collective is a flexible workspace meant for design thinkers and collaborative workers wanting to come together and support each other’s projects through team efforts and more creative approaches, as opposed to a traditional work environment.

We had a mini-tour of this super cool “office” lead by some super cool ladies – Nathalia and Eva – who explained how their transformable workspace allows for a do-it-together approach to startups, projects, and ideas. By working this way, everyone involved in D.Collective has a chance to support one another through leadership and trust while accomplishing their own personal goals.





Now we’re all terrified excited to get on our bikes for a tour of Berlin’s largest public park – Tempelhofer Feld.



Tempelhof was one of the world’s largest airports originally constructed in the 1920s. Originally its grounds were a Prussian military parade and gathering area but went on to become an airlift for several military occupants throughout WWII and the Cold War. Eventually it became an international airport that was closed in October of 2008. Tempelhof Airport officially opened as Tempelhofer Feld in May of 2010 with over 200,000 participants celebrating its use as public space.




This is a massive park, but definitely not empty by any means. Even though our tour was on a Wednesday morning there were quite a few people riding bikes, running, playing, and enjoying their time all throughout Tempelhofer’s grounds and it’s two parallel runways. Just by looking around it’s obvious that this is a place much-loved by the people who frequent it. Urban community gardens (locals can grow their own veggies!), a food and drink stand, a BBQ area, a skate park, and mini dog parks are some of the main attractions. From sunrise to sunset, Berliners can enjoy everything there.






Both D.Collective and Tempelhofer Feld were great examples of how Berliners are getting together to accomplish goals both large and small.






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