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 Cohousing- the community is planned, owned, and managed by the residents that live there . 


This week we had the opportunity to have class in the communal space in Spreefeld, which added a fun twist.

Class started as we all sat down on a variety of comfy seating choices to discuss what cohousing meant to us and to reflect on experiences we tie to cohousing.  With this in mind we began the class discuss by stating the involvement we’ve had with cohousing, or lack there of.  The conversations covered everything from individual living experiences from our colleges, such as dorm style living, to the notorious couch surfing.  We all had slightly different takes on what cohousing was and how it intertwined with our lives as young adults but when the discuss came to a near close we reached the conclusion that all cohousing communities have the same fundamental idea; Coming together to create an enjoyable living experience that you can share with others and have an appreciation for the space you call home.



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