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Eberhard Elfert Exhibition

This week for our Future Cities Seminar course, we meet with Eberhard Elfert, who gave us a tour to his exhibition that took place in Neu West Berlin a multifaceted contemporary Arts space located in Köpenickerstraße. His exhibition documented the history of spreefeld during the Berlin Wall and focused on the history of cultural spaces, especially clubs during the beginning period of techno music.




  He shared some stories of failure escape from East Berlin to West Berlin, and talked about the drastic changes that happened to the area due to the Berlin Wall and the addition buildings that were built in the area. His main focus of the exhibition is to inform victors about the history of the area that need to be maintained and not destroyed.


 After looking through the exhibition, we walked for a few minutes to Kunstquarter Bethanien one of the odlest cultural and community centers. We had lunch at 3 schwestern and we started a decision about the exhibit. 




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