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Renewable Cities/ Spree Lunch

This week during Seminar class the idea of Renewable Cities was explored.  The readings of Herbert Girardet were discussed in class while looking at three different city systems that we have seen.


The first layout was that of the Agropolis, which is surrounded by the idea that a city or town is sustained by the resources they have around them as shown in the graphic above.  There are no goods being imported into this city as well. This was often the case in previous ways of living where members of these towns and groups would have to find their materials, food, and any other necessities locally and become more skilled in these searches.


The second layout is of Petropolis, which is where many cities find themselves today. An emphasis is put of fossil fuels and petroleum in order to sustain the city. Also often times, the resources that are consumed in these cities are not naturally grown or produced there, therefore having to be imported from other locations. This city system is highly unsustainable.


The last layout is called Ecopolis, this is a layout in which is able to produce the energy needed for that city (possibly more) while still using local resources. This layout is one of the most sustainable out of the three. However, With this city system you are self renovating, which can indicate that you are providing energy for your headquarters as well as others and are producing much more that you waste. The idea is that to continue living in cities it would not be enough just to be sustainable to also renovate as well.


For the second half of class a restaurant across the Spree was visited. The space was under the current train tracks in on of the arches.  Although, photos within and around the space weren’t allowed, but one can see the general area where the restaurant is located in the image above.  The restaurant serves locals that work in the area usually but are open to new guests. However, the entrance way is a bit hidden so it may be hard to find for a person who hasn’t already been there.  Overall, the space had a very unique setup as well as the possibilities for drinks and a three-course meal. 

Written by: Edrei Rodriguez


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